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Why Central Coast New Tech High School?

Central Coast New Tech High School is an academically rich college prep high school. Students have access to clubs on campus and participate in athletics through either Nipomo or Arroyo Grande High Schools.  Since opening our doors in 2012, Central Coast New Technology High School has prided itself on creating a learning environment that prepares students for success in college and 21st century careers. We provide our students with a culture that empowers, technology that enables, and curriculum that engages.

We live in a rapidly changing world and public education needs to keep up with those changes and to that end we must prepare students for jobs that do not yet exist. Instead of what you might have experienced in your education, CCNTH students engage in content through authentic and relevant projects that connects the learning and content to the real world outside the classroom wall.  At CCNTH we leverage community partners to ensure that our standards based curriculum is authentic and rigorous. We put our students in a position to do meaningful work both in and outside the classroom. Whether it is working with local hospitals about cancer awareness, conservation groups and our ecosystems, designing an interactive exhibit for a museum, or creating 3-D designs, project-based learning creates an environment where the question, “why do we need to learn this” goes away. It is not enough to teach facts and basic skills and expect our children to succeed in the 21st century.  Students needs to be able to critically think, problem solve, collaborate, communicate, and innovate.  New technologies continue to bring new responsibilities, challenges, and needs.  CCNTH exists to prepare our students to be both college and career ready.

At the core of our design lays the foundation for how we transform our student’s education experience:

  • Wall-to-wall project and problem-based learning that authentically engages students with Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards and content
  • Four year college prep curriculum designed for acceptance to all major colleges and universities
  • UC and CSU approved A-G courses
  • Dual enrollment classes that allow students to earn UC/CSU transferable credits
  • Access to college classes on site
  • Project Based Learning that creates a learn by doing/hands on approach to curriculum that encourages critical thinking and skill building in addition to content knowledge
  • 1-to-1 technology-all students are issued a laptop or they can bring their own device
  • Student-centered culture
  • Student-centered outcomes
  • Small class sizes allowing for increased attention
  • An advisory program that promotes weekly staff to student and student to student meetings and support
  • Parental access to the online learning platform to stay aware of assignments and grades


CCNTH offers students the ability to participate in student led clubs, AVID, Improve, Robotics, theater, ASB, and dances. Students can participate in CIF sports through either Nipomo High School or Arroyo Grande High School depending on their school boundary.  CCNTH for the third year in a row was named a New Tech Network Demonstration Site based off its exemplary teaching model. We are proud as only one other school in the New Tech Network reached this level of excellence.

In addition to our educational approach if you ask students, staff, and parents what is one of the main things that makes CCNTH different they will tell you it is the culture. Our school culture is founded on our trust, respect, and responsibility and to that end all our staff and students follow a school pledge that address: Respect, Professionalism, High Expectations, Collaboration, Community, Integrity, Resolution, Inquiry, and Student-Centeredness.

If you think CCNTH might be right for you student please give us a call at 805 474-3350 ext. 3970. We look forward to you joining our family.