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Class of 2018
It is highly recommended that all Seniors complete the CCNTH Scholarship Application.  Please click the link on the right for more information.
Choose from the links below for up-to-date scholarship information. If you need a Letter of Recommendation from your counselor, teacher, coach and/or community member, feel free to use the Personal Data Form to provide your recommender specific information regarding your accomplishments. It is always helpful to let your recommender know the date when you need the recommendation letter and follow-up several days prior to the due date as a reminder.
If you have any questions, please see Mrs. Hirase in the Career Center.
Upcoming Local Scholarship Deadlines (See Local Scholarships on the right for more information):
Upcoming Regional Scholarship Deadlines:






The San Luis Obispo County Quarter Horse Association is offering a scholarship to a student who has equine experience and a minimum of a 3.0 GPA.  Please complete and return the application below by May 18, 2018
The Santa Lucia Republican Women Federated is offering the 2018 Virginia Kraatz $500 High School Scholarship award to a student who has a minimum GPA of 3.0 and is either registered or pre-registered to vote as a Republican.  Please complete and return the application below by May 18, 2018.
- The Tri-Counties District of The Associated General Contractors of California, funds scholarships annually for students choosing a career path in construction.  Please complete and return the application below by May 25, 2018.
The Community Foundation offers several scholarships to CCNTH students.  Click here to view their website.
Upcoming State or National Deadlines:

 June 1, 2018 - Workforce Development Scholarship 

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Rusty Tweed Scholarship due by April 1, 2018 

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Student-View Scholarship due by April 22, 2018

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Athnet Sports Recruiting Scholarship due by June 1, 2018 

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Saleh Stevens Scholarship due by November 30, 2018

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 Scholarships available to students planning to attend a Trade School 

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PSAT partners with various organizations to offer scholarships to students 

Click here to visit their webpage


College Specific Scholarships:

Several universities have reached out to offer scholarships to prospective students.  Please see the College Specific Scholarships tab to see which applications are currently being accepted.
Good luck, 2018 Grads!  
- April 30, 2018 - Caltrans District 5 is offering two scholarships to students who are pursuing a transportation related career.  Please complete the application below to apply.