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Senior Portraits

Seniors are required to submit a photo to the yearbook staff by the first week in November, if they desire to have a picture in the senior section of the book. Pictures by LifeTouch will not be put into the senior section; therefore it is important to make sure that the student has a photo taken early and submitted to the yearbook staff by the first Friday in November, which is November 3rd, 2017. Pictures must be uploaded and shared through your CCNTH Google Drive and shared with Yearbook Advisor & Chief Editors.

Consider costs when selecting a photographer and also think about having the photos completed in the summer, before school starts in the fall. Selecting a picture package can be a very costly adventure, so please choose a plan wisely.

Below is a list of recommended photographers. If you would prefer to have someone who is not on this list to take your student's senior picture, please provide them with these instructions:

Picture Format (DIGITAL)

    • Submit photos on a CD (or USB drive)
    • Crop size: 1.5 x 2.0 inches
    • Vertical images only with 90° corners
    • Resolution: 400 Pixels/Inch
    • RGB Color
    • 8 bits/channel
    • Save in TIFF format
    • Save as: Last Name,(space)First Name
    • Example: Smith, John.tif
    • No digital printed photos will be accepted because when they are scanned they create images with poor resolution.






Amy Wellenkamp Photography

(805) 709-7273

Blessed Beyond Belief Photography



Distinctive Images by Stephanie

(805) 448-0029


Erin Clausen Photography

(805) 234-4143

Jayden Blair Photography

(805) 550-3916 or
(805) 474-4301

LK Photoshoots

(805) 458-6875

Micki Salazar Photography

(805) 714-3093

Miles & Rococo Modern Photography

(805) 249-0040

Minds Eye Studio

(805) 473-2990

Mission Studios

(805) 937-0188


Natalie Stricklin Photography

(805) 260-6292

Remember When Storybook Photography

(805) 709-9914

Robin Godfrey Photography

(805) 481-3205

Slater Photography

(805) 441-6945

Tamara LaLanne Photography

(805) 710-0844

The Photique

(805) 773-2332


Tracy Waitkus Photography

(805) 264-2771

Tuman Photography

(805) 481-7385

Weston Neuschafer Photography

(805) 441-7385