Free & Reduced Lunch Online Application

If you have not submitted a Free and Reduced Lunch Application this year for your student we would like to encourage you to do so.
What you may not know is the State of California and Lucia Mar School District determines an important part of our very small CCNTH site budget based off the number of students who qualify for a free or reduced lunch. The percentage of students that qualify for free and reduced lunch determined the amount of money under Title 1 (funds). In order to receive Title 1 funds CCNTH needs to have a minimum of 35% of its students eligible for a free or reduced lunch (regardless if they actually take advantage of a free or reduced lunch). We are currently at approximately 28.6%.  The only way to qualify is to complete the free and reduced form (and be eligible).
By not qualifying for Title 1 the students at CCNTH lose valuable funding that can be used to support the following: instruction, supplemental classroom materials, extra educational services to support students, parental involvement activities, computers, cameras, and other technological items, communication (websites, social media, etc.), smaller class sizes, staff professional development training, intervention programs, after school programs, and other enrichment and support activities.
You can complete the application online by clicking here.