Unmanned Aircraft (Drone) Policy

Small Unmanned Aerial Systems (Drones)


The use of small unmanned aerial systems (SUAS)/drones for any purpose is prohibited without the written permission of the District. Use of SUAS may be permitted, provided the conditions and requirements of operation are satisfied, at the sole discretion of the District's Assistant Superintendent, Business Services, or Designee.


SUAS operation requires Certificate of Authorization (COA) or a Section 333 Exemption as issued by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and/or full registration and compliance with the most current FAA regulations in effect at the date of permit issuance as required by law.


If a person wishes to operate a drone in or over District property, SUAS operation requires written consent from and issuance of a permit by the District's Assistant Superintendent, Business Services or Designee at least 72 hours in advance of said operation. If granted permission, UAS operation may only take place directly on/above district property.


The District's Assistant Superintendent, Business Services or Designee shall refuse admission to any individual or group attempting or intending to use a SUAS without authorization. The District's Assistant Superintendent, Business Services or designee may suspend play of athletic or other competitions, if necessary, to remove and confiscate any authorized or unauthorized use of a SUAS in prohibited areas.


Compliance with this policy is mandatory for District students, employees, and visitors. Appropriate disciplinary action or any violation of this policy by such a person shall be undertaken in accordance with the District's normal disciplinary processes. In addition, failure to follow this policy may result in local, state, and federal penalties as applicable.





adopted: October 17, 2017 Arroyo Grande, California