Central Coast New Tech High School


In-Person Learning - IMPORTANT Orientation Information
March 12, 2021

Parent/Guardians/Students (In-person learning),

As you know, today we held our In-Person Learning Orientation. As promised I am following up with the information shared with students during the orientation. Please review this information with your student prior to Monday, March 15. Please do not be discouraged at the daunting list of requirements for in-person learning students, rather view it as our way to to ensure a safe learning environment for our students and staff and one that adheres to the requirements of our district and the SLO County Health Department.

We truly are excited about students being back in our campus and in our classrooms.

Daily COVID Screener via Parent/Student Square 
  1. Students should complete the COVID screener at home before coming to campus.  Parents can do it via Parent Square app and students can do it through the Student Square app. 
  2. Students will need to show proof of their completion of the screener at the gate each day by holding up their phone with the app or completing a paper screener at the gate.
  3. Students should download the Student Square app on their phone prior to Monday. If a student doesn't have a phone then we will have paper screeners for them to take home.
  4. If a student can’t show proof of completion with a phone, they will need to fill out a paper screener before being allowed on campus. 
Arrival/Departure Times - VERY IMPORTANT
  1. Per SLO County Health COVID-19 Safety Protocols, students may NOT be dropped off earlier than 10 minutes before their session begins and MUST be picked up within 10 minutes after their session ends
Social Distancing & Mask Requirements
  1. 6-foot distancing is required at all times while on campus, including waiting for class, being in class, and walking through the campus..
  2. Masks must be 2 ply masks, including gaiters. Bandanas are not allowed. Shields are allowed ONLY if the student is also wearing a mask.
  3. Make sure your mask fits securely around your ears and chin and that your nose and mouth are completely covered at all times, with the exception of taking a drink of water. 
  4. To remain in our in-person learning environment, students will be held to these above-mentioned standards and consequences for a repeated failure to comply may lead to a return to distance learning.
  5. Students, especially Freshmen, should print their locator card or take a screen shot of it.  This was sent to parents/students earlier this week through ParentSquare communication. The locator card has the room numbers so students know which classroom to attend for their course.
Waiting for Class
  1. Students will have 10 min to arrive at their first class of the day and a 10 min passing time between periods. 
  2. Students should not mingle in the quad area during this time but should find their way to their next class, line up outside of the door 6-feet apart, and wait for their teacher to let them inside. 
  3. Students may use this time to use the restroom or fill up their water bottles at the two filling stations on campus. 
  4. During the passing periods, teachers are cleaning desks before the next group of students arrive. 
Classroom Location Changes
  1. Mr. Villegas is teaching from room 914
  2. Ms. Mitchell is teaching from room 110 on the Nipomo High School campus
Charging Devices  
  1. Make sure to charge your device prior to coming to school each day and bring your charger in your backpack as well. There will be a limited amount of charger backups on campus. Be prepared each day.
Classroom Etiquette
  1. Before entering the classroom and when leaving the classroom, students will need to use the hand sanitizer station. 
  2. Inside the classroom, students need to go to the assigned seat directed by the teacher.
  3. Students must remain 6-foot distanced from other students and the teacher at all times.
  4. Students may partially remove their mask when having a drink from their personal bottled water. Otherwise, masks should not be removed in class at any time.
  5. Students should not share school supplies or electronic devices.
  6. Students may ask to use the bathroom when needed.  Remember, students and staff are required to wear their masks at all times while walking on campus. 
Restroom Etiquette
  1. The only restrooms available to students are outside the Admin Office (unless otherwise cleared with the site administrator or counselor). 
  2. Only one student is allowed in the restroom at a time. Students should open the door, ask if anyone is inside first.  If a person says yes, then they are to wait outside until the person leaves the restroom. 
  3. Restrooms will be fully cleaned after each AM & PM session. 
Walking through Campus
  1. Students are to maintain 6-foot social distancing and always wear a mask while walking through campus.
  2. Students are to listen and comply to all staff directives as they relate to social distancing protocols. 
Breaks in Class Schedules
  1. Some students do not have a class in the middle block (3 or 4 period). These students are allowed to find a table on our quad and do school work.
  2. Students in this situation may not share a table with another student and must wear a mask at all times unless eating or drinking.
Office & Counselor Access
  1. Students will have access to the site principal whenever necessary. 
  2. Counselor access is by appointment only and by google meet when available. This accessibility is for in-person and distance learners alike. 
Nipomo High School Campus 
  1. The NHS campus is closed to CCNTH students who do not have a class on their campus to attend. 
  2. The Library and Career Center are closed during hybrid but appointments can be made to pick up books and to get Career Center guidance.
  3. The CCNTH/NHS nurse is always available to assist our students. Teachers will let our office know if a nurse is required. 
  4. Students who show COVID symptoms while on campus will be taken to a quarantine room on the CCNTH campus.  The parent/guardian will be called to pick up the student. 
Access to Meal Kits
  1. Access to boxed meal kits is through a drive-thru at NHS on Tuesday and Friday 7.  Meals are not provided to students on campus in our hybrid model.
Again, we are thrilled that we have this opportunity to have students and staff back on campus for the remainder of the school year. If you have any questions with respect to this communication, please contact me. 

Direwolf LOVE,

Sarah Butler