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Senior Portraits

Seniors are required to submit a photo to the yearbook staff by November 30th, if they desire to have a picture in the senior section of the book. Pictures by LifeTouch will not be put into the senior section; therefore it is important to make sure that the student has a photo taken early and submitted to the yearbook staff by November 30th, 2018. Pictures can be dropped off at the school.

Consider costs when selecting a photographer and also think about having the photos completed in the summer, before school starts in the fall. Selecting a picture package can be a very costly adventure, so please choose a plan wisely.

Below is a list of recommended photographers. If you would prefer to have someone who is not on this list to take your student's senior picture, please provide them with these instructions:

Picture Format (DIGITAL)

    • Submit photos on a CD (or USB drive)
    • Crop size: 1.5 x 2.0 inches
    • Vertical images only with 90° corners
    • Resolution: 400 Pixels/Inch
    • RGB Color
    • 8 bits/channel
    • Save in TIFF format
    • Save as: Last Name,(space)First Name
    • Example: Smith, John.tif
    • No digital printed photos will be accepted because when they are scanned they create images with poor resolution.






Amy Wellenkamp Photography

(805) 709-7273

Blessed Beyond Belief Photography



Distinctive Images by Stephanie

(805) 448-0029


Erin Clausen Photography

(805) 234-4143

Jayden Blair Photography

(805) 550-3916 or
(805) 474-4301

JFerber Photography


LK Photoshoots

(805) 458-6875

Micki Salazar Photography

(805) 714-3093

Miles & Rococo Modern Photography

(805) 249-0040

Minds Eye Studio

(805) 473-2990

Mission Studios

(805) 937-0188


Natalie Stricklin Photography

(805) 260-6292

Remember When Storybook Photography

(805) 709-9914

Robin Godfrey Photography

(805) 481-3205

Slater Photography

(805) 441-6945

Tamara LaLanne Photography

(805) 710-0844

The Photique

(805) 773-2332


Tracy Waitkus Photography

(805) 264-2771

Tuman Photography

(805) 481-7385

Weston Neuschafer Photography

(805) 441-7385