SOCIOLOGY, May 18 10:55am & 1:15pm:
This semester in Sociology we have researched numerous sociological topics including Foundations in Sociology, Social Change, Culture and Inequalities. In this three week project we will apply our learning to a few relevant current topics including free and innovative education, work life balance, women' health and women in leadership and rehabilitation of criminals and legalization of drugs. Please consider participating in these student led discussion by signing up for our Socrates Cafe. This will take place in Room 900 on Friday May 18th. We would appreciate your perspective on these current issues. To sign up click HERE.




We are in need of Entrepreneurship/Business mentors and speakers who are willing to volunteer their time to work with about 15 CCNTH students in our Entrepreneurial Mindsets course.  Please consider signing up if you are qualified or pass this on to someone you know who would take advantage of this unique opportunity. To sign up please click HERE



Do you think High School students on the Central Coast could benefit from Yoga? Read more to discover how just 1 day and less than 1 hour of your time can positively impact our community.  You can donate your talent and expose local teens to a 50 min Yoga demonstration! If you are interested and available, please sign up by following this LINK!