About Us » Mission, Vision, and Why Statements

Mission, Vision, and Why Statements

Central Coast New Tech High School


The Why that motivates Central Coast New Tech High School:

Everything we do, we believe should empower and engage people to be resilient, adaptive, innovative, and self-directed.


Our Vision:

Igniting creativity. Empowering through authenticity. Learning for the 21st century.  


Our Mission:

The mission of Central Coast New Tech High School is to provide an engaging, challenging and inspiring environment through which our students become empowered to attain their full potential as a successfully contributing member of our 21st century society. Through the focused effort of the students, staff, parents and community, students will use 21st century skills and project based learning to assess, innovate, and contribute to the advancement of our ever changing world.


The Student Learning Environment is molded by the following School Wide Learning Outcomes:


Knowledge and Thinking

The ability to reason, problem-solve, make decisions, develop sound arguments, and create new ideas by using appropriate sources and applying the knowledge and skills of a discipline.



The ability to demonstrate effective communication, empathy, responsibility, initiative, and leadership in order to be a productive member of diverse teams


Oral Communication

The ability to make meaning from verbal messages and effectively communicate content knowledge and thinking through oral interactions and presentations.


Written Communication

The ability to effectively communicate content knowledge and thinking in a written format using discipline appropriate organizational patterns and conventions.



The ability to reflect on the development of a growth mindset and purpose for learning as well as demonstrate self-monitoring, learning strategies, study habits, and active participation