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Principal's Message

September 28, 2020


Pack Community,


I am sure we all agree that this hasn’t been the ideal start to a school year.  With that said, I want to commend our teachers and support staff for all of their hard work to make the teaching and learning as relevant, engaging, and rigorous as possible. As a staff, we continue to collaborate during our Friday professional development time to address new ideas, strategies, and tech tools to further our goal of ensuring students are engaged during distance learning. We have four new staff members this year.  Mrs. Doan is our new Education Specialist serving students with IEPs; Mr. Kienow is our new Integrated I & III math teacher; Mrs. Kates is our new School Psychologist; and, Mrs. Weston is our new School Nurse.  They have been stellar additions to our staff, and we welcome each of them to our CCNTH family.


I’d also like to commend the students for showing up each day.  Attendance currently at CCNTH is on par with a regular school year, and this is encouraging. Our unique college prep school, which is part of the New Tech Network, has school wide learning outcomes (SWLO) that include oral communication, written communication, knowledge & thinking, agency, and collaboration, it is essential that parents/students understand that these SWLO’s are part of the grading process so students speaking up in class & collaborating with peers daily, as well as being required to show their faces for presentations as needed will be required. We ask that parents/guardians encourage their child to turn on their cameras each class period so teachers can see them.  It is frustrating teaching to a “sea of circles” so we hope with a bit of encouragement/monitoring from parents, our teachers might have an opportunity to get to know their students better through strengthened interactions.  Here is a link to some articles about the effects of people showing their face on a virtual platform. We hope you will review these articles with your child. If your child’s personal laptop doesn’t have a camera (or in some cases no microphone), you should check out a district chromebook from the school office.  Simply make an appointment with Mrs. Lujano, and we will gladly get your child a device with these needed features.  


In addition, I’d like to commend you all as parents/guardians.  This hasn’t been an easy time for you either, yet you have all shown great resilience in supporting your child and leaning on us for support when needed.  As you know, we offer a Parent Forum each Wednesday evening in an attempt to bring relevant presentations that will keep you connected and informed.  In addition, we hope you can get involved this year with our project panels.  The benefits of parents being part of our panels is two-fold.  One, it helps you to understand how a PBL unit culminates, and secondly it showcases the student progression of oral communication & collaboration over time. To get involved in project panels please fill out this short interest form


I truly believe our CCNTH community and family has become stronger through these adverse times. All of us look forward to a return to school when it is safe for our students, staff, and community.  Until then, a whole-hearted THANK YOU for partnering with us during this challenging time in education. #gratitude


Enjoy this Back to School edition of our HOWL Newsletter, and please contact us if you need assistance. 


Go Direwolves!


Sarah Butler


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