Central Coast New Tech High School

Valedictorian Policy

Central Coast New Tech High School Valedictorian Policy


The Valedictorian (s) will be determined by a total cumulative weighted GPA using the following criteria:


  1. A total of 10 Advanced Placement (AP) semesters, or weighted classes (5.0 GPA) or, 5 IGETC approved college courses, will be used in the calculations for valedictorian. Students taking more than 10 weighted semesters ( 5 IGETC approved college courses at CCNTH) will receive regular weighting (4.0 GPA) for those classes in regards to valedictorian consideration only.  
  2. The following courses will be considered for the weighted bonus (5.0 GPA): Any AP classes taken in LMUSD, or their corresponding level courses at other institutions (e.g. Calc 1, US History). Additionally, classes exceeding an AP level will be considered at a 5.0 GPA (Calc 3, Linear Algebra) College-level courses that are IGETC approved will also be weighted.
  3. Exactly 48 total classes, taken at any institution, will be used for valedictorian calculations. If more than 48 are on a  transcript only the lowest 48 letter grades will be considered for valedictorian purposes. 
  4. All courses on transcripts must have a letter grade, except for Zero Period Athletics, Study Skills, Academic Seminar and Math Support. A CR/NC will be handled as an “F” in regards to valedictorian status.  
  5. To be considered for valedictorian status, all graduation requirements must be posted on the transcript 7 school days prior to graduation. 
  6. Students must maintain an Average Daily Attendance equal to that of the Average Daily Attendance of their high school, and attend the same high school for their entire junior and senior years.
  7. Students caught violating the academic honesty policy during any of their high school attendance will NOT be considered for valedictorian.
  8. Students with a mandatory expulsion offense on their high school record as defined by Ed Code 48915(a) and (c) will not be considered for valedictorian.  
  9. The Valedictorian will be determined no later than the Monday prior to graduation. Teachers will turn in individual grade reports for those students in contention for valedictorian. 
  10. Any unforeseen circumstances not addressed in 1-9 will be dealt with at the time they are brought to the attention of the CCNTH Administration and the decision of the CCNTH Administration will be final in the determination of the selection of the Valedictorian (s).