Central Coast New Tech High School

Senior Portrait Dress Code

Photos for school publication must adhere to the Education Code. The following items are not acceptable for our yearbook publication:

  • Others in the picture with the senior:  no children, spouses, friends, or relatives;
  • Attire which is not neat, clean and non- disruptive;
  • Hats or any head covering / head gear;
  • Clothing which does not cover the chest and upper torso;
  • Any apparel with rips or holes;
  • Visible tattoos;
  • Weapons of any kind;
  • Anything that promotes, advertises, implies or suggests the use of drugs, alcohol or tobacco;
  • Obscenity or lewdness;
  • Anything that is inflammatory in regard to race, religion or heritage;
  • Anything that identifies, promotes, or relates to gangs or gang affiliation;

Please make sure that your yearbook portrait is vertical, not lying down or upside down, and cropped to your waistline.

Seniors and/or their parents may choose to have portraits taken as they desire
; however the above specifications must be followed for the picture to be included in the yearbook.  Please review this list and keep these guidelines in mind when you schedule senior pictures.  Your cooperation is requested.

CCNTH Yearbook Staff reserves the right to edit, or refuse publication of any photograph deemed inappropriate by administration or the yearbook advisor